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Darren Criss + hands


What’s your favourite swear word?


all i want is cool hair and an endless supply of iced coffee

get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite tv shows » orange is the new black

↳ God, this is the loneliest place I’ve ever been and I lived in a tree for eight months.

thelaurenpotter Happy Birthday Lea!! I know yesterday was #tbt but here’s a classic shot from season 1!



omg this is messy as fuck

they came with receipts too
she better pray this doesn’t reach any gossip sites

Happy 28th Birthday, Lea! (August 29, 1986)

You met with a manager that told you that you had to get plastic surgery? She was like, “How old are you?”  I was like, “Thirteen.”  She’s like, “Great. As soon as you turn fifteen, it’s time for a nose job.” Obviously, I didn’t get it done. So, wherever she is, she can go fuck herself.

klaine hiatus challenge • day 43: moments that made me fall for klaine ever harder
do you mean like all klaine moments ever???